10 Quick tips on construction

Each year we see that many people are fatally injured and many of them also die in construction sites. There are various accidents that are associated with construction of buildings and cranes. You need to be very careful when you are working on a construction site. Here are 10 tips on construction that you should follow to be safe.


Getting on and off equipments


The number 1 cause of injuries and accidents in construction sites is because of getting equipments on and off. A lot of drivers, laborers and people on the site get hurt because of moving heavy equipments from one part to another. The first thing you need to do is check out whether you are wearing safety equipments. Check your gloves and your boots and avoid slippery places. Use high grip gloves for a firm hold. Ascend and descend carefully


Loading and unloading equipments


Even if you are on the ground of Arran Construction Essex, there are times when there are times when a machine tends to roll over, causing a huge accident to the people around. Make sure that while equipments are being unloaded and loaded, you stand on a safe ramp away from the equipments. Allow room for the equipments and the trailer machine to carry load safely. Check the trailer decks for stability and clearance and be sure that the machine is at zero energy state.


People crowding the work area


It is always suggested that the workplace of the construction site should be clean, spic and span. Too much crowd is not intended in the workplace. People actually love to stand at the edge and watch the construction work going on, but standing at the edge is not advised as this may also lead to accidents. People on the ground should stay away from any kind of machines and operating area. Always use the horn to warn people to stay back and stop machines if required.


Machine swing radius accidents


Swing accidents are very common in the construction site. They can also be very dangerous when lots of people are involved. You can rope off the swing radius around the machine and secure it well. The least number of people, the more are the benefits.


Operation on the slopes


If you are working on the slopes, it is important to excise utmost caution while the operation.Always allow for surface conditions and do not try and push it.


Overhead or buried obstructions

Always be aware of overhead obstructions and underground electrical lines and equipments along with water, telecom wires and gas. Call a professional company while digging under ground so that no damage is caused.use tapes, red material, signs and barriers to indicate obstructions,

Be careful while reverse backing


Always ensure that you look at the back while reverse backing. Try setting up horns, back up alarms and wide angled mirrors while backing so that no one is injured by you.

When your machine suddenly gets hay wired

There are times when your machine might get upset due to a number of reasons. If you suddenly find your equipment not working, you always need to use back ups for extra protection.Always use a seat belt even if the door is closed and you are working on the ground.

If the load in instable

Moving heavy materials from one part to another is not always easy. Always use a reliable crane or a truck to get things from one part to another.These equipments are all engineered for safety and protection.

Exercise safety

It is always important to exercise safety in the workplace and especially in the construction site.


Follow these tips and you would never have to worry about protection. Arran Construction Essex takes care of all these things.

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How Proximity Affects Property Value

This infographic takes you through some great facts and figures on how to improve the value of your property, it also takes you through some things that may lower the value of your property such as noisy neighbours and criminals in the neighbourhood. this infographic has been brought to you from Aston James Associates.








What are the things to Know about the KWh Meter?

Did it ever cross your mind how much electricity is being used by each of the different appliances, like TV, fridge, air conditioners, washing machines etc. you see at home? For sure you have a lot of electricity-powered devices at home. Well, paying your electric bills regularly is not just your duty. Of course, as a consumer, you have the responsibility to know how those bills are measured and interpreted. Each consumer should get to know what an electric meter is so that they will be able to understand further how it works. This article will share to you the different ideas that they should learn. Let us start by defining what an electric meter is.

Electric meters are devices which measures the electrical consumption of each consumers. These meters are installed in every household by the electric supplier. After a duration of time, the meter will then give you the appropriate reading of electricity consumption according to the consumer’s use of the electric power. Usually, the reading is every month or by quarter. The most common electric meters is the kwh meter. Kwh means kilowatt hours. These kind of meters are typically used in electricity retailing.

What are the types of electric meters?

The advent of technology has caused even the electric meters to evolve. To date, there are various types of electric meters that operate in every home and office. All of them still have the same function which is to measure the direct voltage and current of the electrical power. There are basically two kinds of electric meter categories, the electromechanical and solid state meters. Let us try to differentiate both types.

  1. Electromechanical technology

These meters are the traditional and standard meters. This operates by counting the number of revolutions an aluminum disc takes. The rotation is equivalent to the power being supplied or the energy usage.


  1. Solid state electric meters

Since the Electromechanical technology meters are already old enough, they have been replaced with the new ones which is the solid state electric meters. Instead of using the mechanical process of reading the electrical consumption, these electric meters automatically displays the power used on an LCD screen. The good thing about this meter is that it does not only record the overall electricity consumption of a household but, these devices also record other parameters of the load and supply. This includes measuring the maximum demand and power factor.


If you happen to ask, what is the unit of electrical measurement? The standard unit of measurement used by an electricity meter is kilowatt hour. There are 3 basic and specific types of measuring the usage of your electricity. You can find electricity meters for sale here.

  1. Simple watt-hour meter. It is available in the local stores. It works by simply plugging the device to the watt-hour meter and the supply point. It will read and measure the electricity consumption in a given period of time.


  1. Whole-house meter. As the name implies, this kind of meter measures the electricity usage of the entire house. It has a reset features which would allow you to easily track and compare your present and history consumption. It has a reset button that enables the device to go back to zero. It will keep on recording the electricity usage until you stop it.


Home electric meter. If you find the watt-hour and the whole-house meter as an additional, unnecessary cost, then the home electric meter is your option. You can manually calculate your electrical consumption with this type of meter.

The process of reallocation with removal companies

Removal Company

Reallocation is a term, which is deeply associated with human beings nowadays. The process of reallocation maybe simple audibly, but it is actually not that easy. It is a complex procedure, where you will have to carry your own old belongings to the new place, such that you can use them at your new place.


But if you reallocate more than once in a year, carrying all the items safely can be a question, as you do not know how to safely carry items which are easily breakable. In such circumstances, you should contact removal services, who can help you in the aspect.

Removal company

If you are from Essex, there must be a number of removal services, which are close to you, or your office. You should talk to them right now, if you want to reallocate to a new place, and you want that all your belongings remain safe, at the time of reallocation. While relocating, they will carry all your belongings in vans, such that they remain safe throughout the journey to the new place. They take special care of the items, which are delicate, and are easily breakable. In most of the cases they carry computer monitors, glass items, and other sensitive items in different ways, such that they are not harmed.

The charges

If you are worrying about the amount that they will charge, it all depends upon the number of items that you will be moving, and also the distance between the source and the destination. Depending upon the delicacy of the items, and they can charge extra amount, as they need to take special care of such items, such that you do not charge them later on. In most of the cases they carry delicate items within sponges, such that they are free from any kind of collation with hard surfaces, that might destroy the item.

Safe custody

While the products are being moved to the new place, it is their responsibility to take the safe custody of the items, and in case of any problems, the particular removals services in Essex will pay the compensation for the same, and the fact is same for almost all the removal services that you will find in any part of the country or the world. Depending upon how many items you will carry, and in case all the items cannot be carried in a single vehicle, the amount that you will have to pay will be calculated in a separate business.

Extra vehicles

In most of the cases all the removals services in Essex will charge extra for additional vehicles, apart from the number of items that you will be carrying. For example, if you are having first the items to carry, and those for the items can be carried in a single vehicle, you will have to pay a certain amount, which will be less than 40 items being carried in two or more vehicles. Thus, many aspects are responsible, which might change the amount of money, which you will have to pay for reallocation

Why CCTV Security System is a Must Have

You can hardly find a company that does not have a CCTV security system nowadays, and there is a really good reason for that. These systems are some of the most popular ones, as well as the most effective ones at the same time, while not being expensive, which is something that hardly any other type of a security system has to offer. Everyone really ought to have this security system, both for their office and home as well, and if you’re asking why that is so, we’ll get into it in detail right away.

As we have already mentioned, this is one of the most selling and most popular security systems out there, but not everyone fully understands why that is so. Well, the first reason for that is the fact that it is not expensive at all. People think that technology is expensive nowadays, but it really isn’t. This is because of the fact that the technology keeps advancing, and you don’t really need to get the very latest model. The older ones are good as well, and their price keeps dropping and dropping, even though they are extremely good and offer great security.

The next reason why you must have this kind of a security system is the fact that it will actually help save some money! You see, while having this system installed, you won’t have to hire several security guards to look after your place, you can just replace them with CCTV cameras. You’ll pay for them once and never again, while you have to pay the security guards every single month. Well, not anymore!

This security system from All Security Solutions is really popular because of the fact that you can watch the video feed that these CCTV cameras send out wherever you want! You can connect them to a table with monitors which are going to be observed by one person, you can send the feed via internet to your home, and watch it from far away on your computer, or even on your mobile phone!

And finally, this system is amazing at stopping some of the employees you don’t really trust that much from stealing from you. No one would dare to do anything illegal while they know that they are being watched by the mighty CCTV security system. Basically, you can now be sure that no one is going to steal from you, both from within your business organisation, and from outside of it.

Basically, it is no wonder that this type of security system is the most popular one on the planet – it offers pretty much everything a great security system ought to offer, and it does so for a rather low price. And on top of that, it helps you save money! There is no equivalent to this among other types of security systems, and if you’ve been thinking about installing one of them, the CCTV security system ought to be your first and only choice.

7 Design Tips to Know Before Remodelling Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodelling is a simple idea but it requires thinking and appropriate planning. Now, if you are one of the thousands of people who is considering a bathroom renovation, then you have landed into the correct page. This article will bring you the different ideas to help you out in the process.

  1. Know the estimated cost of the remodelling

The cost is the primary basis of the overall remodelling process. Without the finances, you will not be able to achieve your home upgrade. Thus, you need to consider how much money you are willing to invest. The cost is dependent on several factors such as the bathroom size, the materials needed, the labour fee and the accessories you are going to include in the bathroom remodelling. Getting quotes from various suppliers such as The Bathroom Marquee will allow you to get a competitive quote for a professional finish.


  1. Make sure that the toilet is not the first thing you see when you open the door.

This is the general rule of the thumb that is often overlooked by people. It is inevitable that bathroom doors are left open thus viewing the toilet. This scene is not pleasing to look at for the guest so, you need to create a design where the toilet is placed behind a cabinet wall or into a side where it can’t be viewed immediately. Refer to this handy guide on toilets and toilet placement tips for more ideas.


  1. Plan a lighting scheme.

Lighting scheme plays an important role in adding aesthetics to the bathroom. Take note that a well-lit bathroom gives perfect ambiance and visual clarity to the whole room.


  1. Know the standard bathroom dimensions.

The key to a spacious bathroom is getting the precise measurements to accommodate the different accessories in the toilet such as the bath tub, sink, cabinet, toilet bowl etc. Knowing the dimensions can lead you to remodeling your bathroom efficiently.


  1. Place a sink.

The sink is a vital part of a bathroom. Thus, you need to include one in your remodelling. Take note that the standard height for the sink is 32 to 34 inches of the floor enough to wash your hands or brush your teeth comfortably. A corner sink is a good recommendation.


  1. Consider a shower storage.

If you want to put your bathroom stuff into proper order, then you may want to consider creating a shower storage where you can keep in place materials such as soap, razor, shampoo, soap bottles and even your spare shower head units. Do not settle to cheap plastic units that can be hung in the walls because they are very unattractive. As a good tip, try a ceramic tile shelving in the corner of the shower. You can check home centres and tile stores for these items. Another option is to to build a wall shelving because this does not protrude in the outside. Hence, you will not have to worry about knocking off the shampoo bottles.


  1. Get the service of a pro.

In case you fail to do the planning on your own, then do not hesitate in getting experts to give you the valuable advice and the dos and don’ts in the overall bathroom restructuring. You may need the help of an electrician to plan the lighting scheme, a plumber to help you with the water drainage in case they are going to be moved and a designer to plan the bathroom layout. It may cost you additional fees but the result would be worth-it.

The 3 Common Types of Industrial Doors

Industrial doors have become so widely used in every type of business establishment entrances. They are very practical options in keeping your establishments safe and secured. Now, if you are considering to purchase an industrial door for your business premises (www.prestigedoors.co.uk), then of course, you need to know the different industrial doors and how it functions so that you can guarantee that the kind of door you choose suits your needs.

Types of industrial doors:

There are several types of industrial doors offered in the market. The following are some of the many types:

  1. Roller Shutters

This type of door system works by mounting the door above. This works by rolling down or raising it up as it closes and opens respectively. A roller shutter can be operated either using a manual winder or by using some form of motorized system such as a remote control or a control panel.  This rolling shutter is not just practical and functional; it is also very beneficial. It does not only give protection and safety to your commercial areas but it regulates the temperature, ventilation and light of the place. A roller shutter is also versatile. It could be used as window systems in your homes. This is the most popular industrial door. Thus, you can see a wide array of choices with different patterns, design and colours of roller shutters in the market.

  1. Sliding Folding Doors

This type of industrial door is very suitable for industrial units, aircraft hangars, factories, agricultural units, boat yards and other industrial establishments. Sliding Folding Doors are designed for optimum security in your commercial places. It offers more than that. This kind of industrial door is the most popular one in giving the finest ease of access. These doors also are very easy to maintain and operate. Thus, if you are looking for an ease of operation and access without compromising the security level of your business premises, then the sliding folding doors is right for you.

  1. Sectional Overhead Doors

This kind of door is often confused with the roller shutters. To clear this, both doors are opened and closed vertically. Yet, the following are the factors that differentiate them:

  • The roller one needs a headroom to accommodate the curtain roll and the sectional doors need space inside the garage for the horizontal runners to operate.
  • A roller shutter has one horizontal design and the sectional overhead door has many panel designs to choose from.
  • Roller garage doors are purposely designed with ribbed profiles so that the whole sheet can roll around itself while the sectional doors while the sectional doors does not roll in itself but needs a space to take up when the door is opened.


If you check this type of industrial door, you will notice that it is not just available in single skinned panels but also the double skins. These panels are made of fibreglass, timber panels, aluminium or steel panels. These sectional doors range from traditional to highly modernised styles. You can choose so many product options that will complement the particular door that your commercial spaces need.

Why It Is Best To Go for A Local Estate Agency To Find Your New Home

estate agencyThere is no doubt that you need an estate agency when you are selling your home. This is because selling your home is perhaps one of the busiest times in your life and an estate agent is entirely committed to getting you what you want out of your moving experience. It is for this reason that you have to be careful when choosing your estate agent. But why should you go for a local estate agency?


It is important to have access to your estate agents because selling your home is not just a business hours task, anything could happen between the24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. Sometimes estate agencies even go that extra mile out of their own hours in order to solve any major problems that could come up. So it is no surprise a local agency just makes the running of things that much easier.


It is an estate agents job to know an area to give you information on an area that you are looking at homes in. They should know everything from school catchment areas to local crime levels. If you choose a local agency they will be more passionate about their area and will have more to offer you.


Some of the bigger estate agency will have a lot higher prices simply because their reputation allows it. Though a high price estate agency is not something you want, you should be saving as much money as you can so you can get the home of your dreams. HarLands offer a fixed rate so there will never be any price surprises.


It is obviously important that you know exactly what you are getting. To know that you are getting the best service possible you need to first see if a company has a great reputation. Looking for an experienced company that offers great service in your area had never been so easy if you search online.

Infographic on how to improve the value of your house:


Weighing the Pros and Cons of Conservatory Windows

conservatoryIf you need a window with more than just a good design, then the conservatory windows is just right for you! In this modern day and age, more and more people make this as their choice. This type of window system has gained popularity to consumers because there are variety of benefits it could bring you. However, there are also claims that this is not a good type of window system to be installed in your homes.

The question now here is, are conservatory windows good or not? To help you decide, you should learn to weigh is pros and cons.


  1. This kind of window gives you a modern taste by design. It is very sophisticated and stylish. If you have a suburban house, then it is really a good match. In addition to this, this would help you attain extra space in your homes.
  2. It is very easy to install. You may place this window system in any parts of the house—kitchen, playroom, garden, kitchen etc. It has been further advised by experts that you can use conservatories.
  3. Conservatory windows from Thermoglaze Essex are energy efficient; this means to say that they could make your home consume less energy.
  4. It has a very good capacity in controlling the heat gain coming from the sun.
  5. It features a great insulating capacity. Instead of using a high heating system within the house, you can make it as an alternative or a complementary support of the heating system especially during cold weather.
  6. This protects you from the harmful heat of the sun. It filters UV radiation which is really amazing for the skin.
  7. Unlike other window system, conservatories, it stops the fading of its surfaces due to the extreme heat of the sun.
  8. This would let you see the outside view from the inside clearly.


  1. It is a sad fact that this type of window system could make you suffer from heat problems especially during summer.
  2. If there is too much sunlight coming in, this would cause too much glare. This would make you uncomfortable doing activities such as reading. This might be reduced though by adding blinds or curtains inside the house.
  3. Conservatory windows could make your winter too cold when temperature really drops low.
  4. It is quite hard to clean. This would take you much effort in cleaning this. However, there are various tips and tricks in order to make it easier for you to clean it up:
  • Remove any thing that could stain the windows. Examples of this are plants or any dusty particles.
  • Clean it regularly. This does not mean to clean it daily but at least once or twice a week to further prevent the marks and dusts stuck well on the surface.
  • The glass should be cleaned by a regular glass cleaner. You should start cleaning from the outside as it is much dirtier portion than the other side. Use soft cloth and soap on its framework. This will prevent the surface to be scratched or damaged.


When Do You Need Safe Removal Service?

safeHaving a safe in the house can increase the sense of security of the owner. With burglary happening anywhere, it is not safe to leave valuables around the house. A safe is the perfect place to store the valuables and keep it secure even when burglars get inside the house. By putting the safe in a location where it cannot be seen easily, the security is increased several times. However, when the time comes where the safe is no longer needed or compromised, the safe must be removed. And when it comes to removal of safes, one has the option to either do it or leave it to safe removal trident. Here are some tips to determine when safe removal service is needed.

  1. Wall-installed safe – This type of safe are hard to remove. If someone without experience remove a wall-installed safe, the wall or the safe could be damaged which would cost an extra money to repair or replace. Professional safe removal service can remove the safe with little to no damage.
  2. Heavy safe – Removing a heavy safe is very hard to do on your own. It is also inappropriate to bother friends just to help you remove the safe. Any safe removal company are experienced in dealing with heavy safes.
  3. Hard-to-move safe – Safes which are hard to move can be time consuming and stressful. It is better to leave it to the experts.
  4. Busy schedule – Time is precious. It is unreasonable to spend hours of your time just removing a safe. By working and earning money, you will save more even if you hire a safe removal service to handle the job.
  5. Difficult locations – Some people install safes during the construction of the house or the building. The location could be from the basement to several floors in the building. Even if it is possible to detach the safe from a wall, it is extremely difficult to move the safe from the original position to outside of the building. Professional safe removal company can efficiently move safes of all sizes even from difficult locations.
  6. Inexperience – Inexperience can lead to many mistakes. It can damage the safe or wall, cause injuries and even build up stress. If you are not confident in handling removal of safes, it is better to hire a safe removal contractor.
  7. Insufficient manpower and equipment – Safes especially wall-mounted and large ones would require multiple manpower and equipment to remove it efficiently. Safe removal contractors have the sufficient manpower and equipment to handle any kind of safe removal job.

Now you know when you really need to hire a safe removal company.