10 Quick tips on construction

Each year we see that many people are fatally injured and many of them also die in construction sites. There are various accidents that are associated with construction of buildings and cranes. You need to be very careful when you are working on a construction site. Here are 10 tips on construction that you should follow to be safe.


Getting on and off equipments


The number 1 cause of injuries and accidents in construction sites is because of getting equipments on and off. A lot of drivers, laborers and people on the site get hurt because of moving heavy equipments from one part to another. The first thing you need to do is check out whether you are wearing safety equipments. Check your gloves and your boots and avoid slippery places. Use high grip gloves for a firm hold. Ascend and descend carefully


Loading and unloading equipments


Even if you are on the ground of Arran Construction Essex, there are times when there are times when a machine tends to roll over, causing a huge accident to the people around. Make sure that while equipments are being unloaded and loaded, you stand on a safe ramp away from the equipments. Allow room for the equipments and the trailer machine to carry load safely. Check the trailer decks for stability and clearance and be sure that the machine is at zero energy state.


People crowding the work area


It is always suggested that the workplace of the construction site should be clean, spic and span. Too much crowd is not intended in the workplace. People actually love to stand at the edge and watch the construction work going on, but standing at the edge is not advised as this may also lead to accidents. People on the ground should stay away from any kind of machines and operating area. Always use the horn to warn people to stay back and stop machines if required.


Machine swing radius accidents


Swing accidents are very common in the construction site. They can also be very dangerous when lots of people are involved. You can rope off the swing radius around the machine and secure it well. The least number of people, the more are the benefits.


Operation on the slopes


If you are working on the slopes, it is important to excise utmost caution while the operation.Always allow for surface conditions and do not try and push it.


Overhead or buried obstructions

Always be aware of overhead obstructions and underground electrical lines and equipments along with water, telecom wires and gas. Call a professional company while digging under ground so that no damage is caused.use tapes, red material, signs and barriers to indicate obstructions,

Be careful while reverse backing

If you are working on the property yourself, always ensure that you look at the back while reverse backing. Try setting up horns, back up alarms and wide angled mirrors while backing so that no one is injured by you.

When your machine suddenly gets hay wired

There are times when your machine might get upset due to a number of reasons. If you suddenly find your equipment not working, you always need to use back ups for extra protection.Always use a seat belt even if the door is closed and you are working on the ground.

If the load in instable

Moving heavy materials from one part to another is not always easy. Always use a reliable crane or a truck to get things from one part to another.These equipments are all engineered for safety and protection.

Exercise safety

It is always important to exercise safety in the workplace and especially in the construction site.


Follow these tips and you would never have to worry about protection. Arran Construction Essex takes care of all these things.

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