External Rendering for Your Home


If the external of your house is looking as if it has seen better days, external render may be the way forward for you. External rendering is an easy way to get rid of that currently unattractive external appearance of your house. Rendering changes the outer finish of your house, and allows you to change the colour or texture of the external finish.


External rendering can range in costs, depending on the type of rendering, materials used, and whether you would like a company to do it for you. For a sand and cement scratch coat and a topcoat followed by paint, costs will range from £28-£34 per meter squared.


You do not require planning permission to render your home, as long as you have development rights and are not situated in a conservation area. You may want to check if you have the rights to alter your property.


If you do not take certain precautions, the render finish is likely to fail. Before rendering, your walls should be surveyed and any structural repairs should be made. External details must be removed, including piping and alarms. Edges of windows and doorframes will be covered with metal stops or angle beads, which will provide clean edges. You will also need to clean the wall. Remove any plants growing up the wall, and scrub off any mould, preferrably with a bleach solution.


A fabric render mesh is applied over any wall insulation, embedded into the first coat of render to reinforce against cracking. After this, more coats of render are applied. A primer and top coat are also applied. Rendering is designed to be self-coloured, so there is no need to apply paint over the top. Different finish options are also available, from smooth to textured finish. Finally, external pipes or alarm systems can be reapplied. The total process of external rendering can be expected to take 3-4 weeks, including time allowing layers to dry. It is likely to get cold overnight, allowing moisture in the render to freeze, causing expansion. Therefore, you should cover the rendered walls overnight to prevent this from happening.




Homeowners Advice: Common Places to Hide The Spare Key

qr_with_bubble_606-5228146Spare keys are essential, for many occasions. If you have locked yourself out, lost a set of keys or had your keys stolen, spare keys are needed to get back in your home! But, where do we leave them?

The most common places to hide spare keys are under a plant pot (19%); under a bin (13%); under a rock (13%); under a doormat (10%); under a gnome or garden ornament (8%).

Most thieves are opportunistic, and looking for an easy target. They will often search outside for a spare key in these obvious locations listed above. This means that they can quietly let themselves in without having to break a window to get access.

Police statistics reveal that over 6,000 home burglaries each year are the result of gaining access due to finding a spare key. Despite a general decline in burglaries, there has been a rise in burglaries as a result of access with a key.

There are many negative effects of leaving a spare key outside your home, outside of the physical loss and emotional stress. Insurance companies are less likely to pay out for a theft as a result of a thief finding a spare key.

If a person is not physically mobile enough to allow other people access to their homes, or if you cannot be home for a visitor, a spare key is needed, but there are alternatives to leaving your key exposed. So, do not give a burglar free access to your house and possessions! Think about leaving spare keys with a neighbour, friend or family member, or investing in a key safe to store your spare!

If you trust your neighbours, leaving a key with them is a good alternative to leaving spare keys outside your home. This way, you can simply knock and ask to use the spare. They will recognize you and hand over the key with a smile! Key safes from Fast Keys are discreet places to store your keys safely. They require a code for access, thus making it accessible to only you and those with the code!

Common Plumbing Problems In Your House

feature2Every house has its own plumbing issues once in a while. Whether it is the gas line or the water line, plumbing is very important to keep everything running inside the house and into the different appliances needing them. The plumbing inside your home is comprised of many different parts, probably the most important part being the tubes. As for plumbing tubes, plumbers now use acrylic tubes to replace old and worn plumbing tubes made of different materials. Acrylic tubes has a lot of advantages which include durability, a light weight and rust resistance. If you haven’t switched to acrylic tubing yet, here are the common plumbing problems you will often encounter in your house.

  1. Dripping Faucets – A dripping faucet is more than just a hassle of the constant dripping sound you can clearly hear during night time. It can lead to a lot of wasted water. If all houses would have a dripping faucet, there would be metric tons of water wasted every day. Though the main cause could be a loose or damaged seal, a bad plumbing tube could still lead to have frequent dripping faucets.
  2. Low Water Pressure – Water carries dissolved minerals which can deposit on metal pipes and can lead to low water pressure. By replacing the old pipes with acrylic tube, such deposits can be prevented and avoided in the occurrence of low water pressure.
  3. Running Toilet – A running toilet can be caused by several factors including the fill tube. However, if you replace most parts with acrylic products including acrylic tube, you will not have to worry about running toilet as often as other people do.
  4. Leaky Pipes – Leaky pipe is the most frequent plumbing problem you can encounter. Metal pipes rust which can lead to leaks. On the other hand, regular plastic tubes can break easily. With acrylic tubing, both issues will be addressed. Acrylic tubes are very durable and do not rust.
  5. Slow/Clogged Drains – Drains are also a problem if they get clogged. You need to make sure that aside from asking for a professional to fix the blocked drain, have the professional check your plumbing and if there are any tubing problems that are causing the slow or clogged drains, replace them with acrylic tube.

There are different plumbing problems you will come across. You need to know if you can fix the problem yourself or if you will need a professional plumber to help you fix them. If ever you encounter a plumbing problem which frequently occurs, do not hesitate to have a professional check your whole plumbing system to have the problem completely resolved.


Benefits of Professional Tree Surgeons


Although it is cheaper to perform gardening tasks by oneself, some things are best left to professionals, with regards to safety concerns and correct execution of the task at hand. Tree surgery is one of these tasks, which has many benefits when executed professional as opposed to by an amateur.

Tree surgeons have a range of different services, including pruning and removing trees.


If is entirely possible to fell a tree by yourself, yet this is a dangerous process. Trees are extremely heavy, and controlling one as it falls is a difficult process. The weight of a falling tree can cause lifelong damage. By hiring a professional tree surgeon, you ensure the safety of those involved in felling the tree.

Superior Finish

A professional tree feller will be able to do a cleaner and better job than an amateur will. This ensures that your garden is not ruined by a failed attempt of tree felling.


Many tree surgeons will be glad to dispose of the tree and its stump, allowing it to biodegrade or putting the wood to good use.

Attention to Detail

Many tree surgeons help to reduce the shadow cast by trees by carefully trimming some under branches, which allows lighting below the tree canopy. Recycling

Tree surgeons often recycle plant trimmings, turning them into mulch. They will offer this for your garden or give it to other people.

When you have garden issues requiring attention, figure out if you can perform the task at hand yourself or not. Think about safety and your skills. If you do not think you can execute the task alone, seek the services of a Kings Cuts Trees. Whether the task is large or small, professional tree surgeons are guaranteed to execute the task safely and without damaging your garden.