Tips On Maximizing Space In Your Home Garage

Garage-Storage-10When it comes to saving space in the garage, it is not enough to just setup garage shelving. If done poorly or randomly, garage owners will not experience significant changes or the benefits of space saving. This makes garage shelving companies a demand in the market instead of the garage shelves themselves. Since most people prefer to arrange their garage personally, here are some useful tips in maximizing garage shelving.

  1. Group tools accordingly – Tools should be organised by their functions or types. Wrenches should be grouped together as well as for bolts and knots. Drills should also be separated. This way you know where they are located and will be able to choose the right size for the job. If you have paint cans, they should also be in the same shelf or neighbouring shelves.
  2. Label shelves – Labelling shelves is crucial to locate tools easily. Each shelf should be labeled accordingly and make sure that the tools are returned to the correct shelf to keep the shelves organised. Labels should not be permanent as you might need to rearrange the garage shelves if you are adding new shelves or if the additional tools will no longer fit on the current shelf the same tools are located.
  3. Heavy to light – Heavy equipment should be placed at the bottom shelves while lighter tools at the top. This prevents putting too much weight on the top shelves which could cause the shelves to buckle under the weight. In case of such an occasion, arranging your shelves in this way can avoid serious injuries of being crushed by the shelves.
  4. Place shelves on the farthest from the car – It is hard to retrieve tools from the shelves if there is no place to stand in front of the shelves. By placing the shelves away from the car, there is nothing which can hinder you while getting tools from the shelves.
  5. Use hooks to hang other equipment – There is equipment such as shovels, garden tools or bicycles which could not fit on the shelves. In order to minimize the space these pieces of equipment take up, using hooks to hang them will be ideal.
  6. Install shelves which you will be using – If you have few tools and limited space, do not setup a lot of shelves since they will not be efficient and could take up unnecessary space. Just install additional shelves in case you need them in the future.

With these useful tips, you can maximize garage space and optimize the use of your space while adding style and aesthetics in your garage.