Useful Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips

Flooring5Different types of flooring requires different cleaning methods. When it comes to wooden flooring, there are several cleaning methods which can be effective to make the wooden flooring last longer while looking amazing. Before cleaning the wooden flooring, it is important to determine the exact type of wooden flooring or. Check if the wooden flooring is unfinished, waxed or finished. This will prevent damaging the wooden flooring. Here are several useful wooden flooring cleaning tips you can apply. And if you’re looking into getting new flooring visit a Parquet flooring specialist.

  1. Use soft-bristled broom – Though wooden flooring is hard and sturdy, its surface can get damaged if you used the wrong broom. Wooden flooring requires soft-bristled broom to avoid getting scratched. There are many soft-bristled broom so choose the size which can efficiently clean the flooring without spending too much time.
  2. Strip old wax – If there is an old wax on the floor but the new wax you will be using is different or you cannot determine the exact wax previously applied on the floor, it is recommended to strip the old wax.
  3. Use wax for unfinished floor – For unfinished floor, using wax is a great way to provide a shiny finish. It enhances the appearance and the feel of the house. There are many kinds of wax so it is important to consider the type of finish you want for the wooden flooring before choosing the wax.
  4. Vacuum the floor – Unlike concrete, there will be seams or spaces between wooden tiles. Vacuum is the best way to remove dust particles accumulated in these area. If dust particles will accumulate for a long time, it will be hard to remove these particles even with vacuum. Vacuuming the wooden flooring is important.
  5. Use the right cleaning agent – Different types of wood require different cleaning agent. Some cleaning agent can damage certain types of wood but can clean other types efficiently. It is important to check the cleaning agent to see if it is recommended for your wooden flooring.
  6. Use map – Mapping the wooden floor is also necessary. It will create the shiny finish after the wax has been applied. For cleaning stains, a wet map is also needed. Make sure the map is not rough as it could damage the surface of the floor.

Keeping the wooden flooring clean can make the area hygienic while making the floor last longer. It is important to know the correct cleaning methods and use the right cleaning agents to maximize the cleaning result and prevent the wooden flooring from getting damaged.