Cleaning Supplies For The Office That You Probably Already Have In The Kitchen

cleaning suppliesOffice cleaning services are great when you want a thorough scrubbing for the work place. Aside from that they seem to have all these fancy cleaning agents that makes the office squeaky clean. Though in office as a business owner you have the responsability to hire office cleaners London but for everyday cleaning, know that you can still do the job with just some of what’s in the kitchen cupboard.


This isn’t just great as your everyday dressing but also as a kitchen utensil, you can also use it for cleaning around the office. A roll of paper towels, vinegar, and some water can be an as effective alternative for wet cleaning wipes. You can also use it to clean the windows and even prevent clogged sinks.


When you’re done eating or making juice out of the fruit, the peels can still be used. Put them in ice cubes with vinegar, and then the cubes can be used to clean your garbage disposal.

Baking Soda

Oh the wonder of baking soda, it has bleaching and deodorizing powers which is why it great for cleaning. It removes scuff marks or grease spills from the floor, it can keep unpleasant odors away if you put a bowl of baking soda anywhere, and so much more. The uses for this are endless.

Dishwashing Liquid

Mix dish washing liquid, white vinegar, water, and baking soda, put it in a sprayer and you got yourself a DIY carpet cleaner.


Grease can’t be avoided, but at least with just a simple mixture of vegetable oil and baking soda you can clean any greasy surface again.


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