What are the things to Know about the KWh Meter?

Did it ever cross your mind how much electricity is being used by each of the different appliances, like TV, fridge, air conditioners, washing machines etc. you see at home? For sure you have a lot of electricity-powered devices at home. Well, paying your electric bills regularly is not just your duty. Of course, as a consumer, you have the responsibility to know how those bills are measured and interpreted. Each consumer should get to know what an electric meter is so that they will be able to understand further how it works. This article will share to you the different ideas that they should learn. Let us start by defining what an electric meter is.

Electric meters are devices which measures the electrical consumption of each consumers. These meters are installed in every household by the electric supplier. After a duration of time, the meter will then give you the appropriate reading of electricity consumption according to the consumer’s use of the electric power. Usually, the reading is every month or by quarter. The most common electric meters is the kwh meter. Kwh means kilowatt hours. These kind of meters are typically used in electricity retailing.

What are the types of electric meters?

The advent of technology has caused even the electric meters to evolve. To date, there are various types of electric meters that operate in every home and office. All of them still have the same function which is to measure the direct voltage and current of the electrical power. There are basically two kinds of electric meter categories, the electromechanical and solid state meters. Let us try to differentiate both types.

  1. Electromechanical technology

These meters are the traditional and standard meters. This operates by counting the number of revolutions an aluminum disc takes. The rotation is equivalent to the power being supplied or the energy usage.


  1. Solid state electric meters

Since the Electromechanical technology meters are already old enough, they have been replaced with the new ones which is the solid state electric meters. Instead of using the mechanical process of reading the electrical consumption, these electric meters automatically displays the power used on an LCD screen. The good thing about this meter is that it does not only record the overall electricity consumption of a household but, these devices also record other parameters of the load and supply. This includes measuring the maximum demand and power factor.


If you happen to ask, what is the unit of electrical measurement? The standard unit of measurement used by an electricity meter is kilowatt hour. There are 3 basic and specific types of measuring the usage of your electricity. You can find electricity meters for sale here.

  1. Simple watt-hour meter. It is available in the local stores. It works by simply plugging the device to the watt-hour meter and the supply point. It will read and measure the electricity consumption in a given period of time.


  1. Whole-house meter. As the name implies, this kind of meter measures the electricity usage of the entire house. It has a reset features which would allow you to easily track and compare your present and history consumption. It has a reset button that enables the device to go back to zero. It will keep on recording the electricity usage until you stop it.


Home electric meter. If you find the watt-hour and the whole-house meter as an additional, unnecessary cost, then the home electric meter is your option. You can manually calculate your electrical consumption with this type of meter.

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